Friday, December 31, 2010

My 2011 Brew Years Resolutions

2010 was quite the year for me.  Lots of ups and downs, turnarounds, and so on.  There were some really great changes and happenings, especially towards the end of the year, and I hope to build on those in 2011.  I think I see things more clearly now than I did this time last year.  Hell, I KNOW I am seeing things through different eyes just since October...

And so without further gilding the lily and with no more ado, I give to you: My 2011 Brew Years Resolutions.

  1. Attend GABF in Denver for the first time.  This is a carry-over from last year, but this time I will start planning in January instead of realizing in August I am too late...
  2. Visit more breweries.  Another carry-over.  Just want to continue the trend and see more of the industry.  (This includes finally getting up to Saint Somewhere!)
  3. Attend more local events.  I get to some, but my lack of planning and paying attention has left me missing some great happenings.  Need to rectify that.
  4. More homebrewing.  Four batches a year is pitiful.  I need to brew more, period.
  5. Meet more "beer people" when they come to town and when I am travelling.  Craft beer people (who, as we know, Rgoodpeople) are everywhere.  There is no reason not to meet up.
  6. Be more consistent with my writing.  It takes discipline and time, but there is no reason I cannot meet all of my obligations each week.
  7. Expand my tasting range.  Its easy to fall into a pattern of only IPAs, Imperial Stouts, and the like, but there are so many other great beer choices out there.  I should give them a fair shot as well.
  8. X Project 1: CLASSIFIED - A joint venture with another beer visioneer.  Should be fun and interesting.
  9. X Project 2: CLASSIFIED - Another involvement I have signed up to be a part of.  Not necessarily "fun", but it is important.
  10. Continue to be a vocal craft beer evangelist and advocate both locally and in general.  We are in what looks like a craft beer Renaissance, but there is evil at every turn.  We cannot afford to be complacent.
2011 holds a lot of promise and excitement.  I plan of facing it with beer in hand and determination in my heart.  May everyone have a safe and fun New Years Eve.


 - Beer for the Daddy

Thursday, December 30, 2010

My 2010 Brew Years Resolutions - A Look Back

A year ago, I made my resolutions for 2010 as they related to my life and work in the craft beer world.  Some evolved and changed as time went on, and some I dropped all together when I realized they were not where I wanted to go with my life.  So before I make my new list, Lets review how 2010 turned out:

1. Attend GABF in Denver for the first time. - Didn't happen.  Mostly due to lack of planning on my part, and then conflicting schedules.  Looking to try to make it happen this year.

2. Visit more breweries. - I would say I did okay on this one.  Any time I travelled, I tried to make a point to visit any local breweries I could.  Not as many as I would have liked, but I did make a good effort.

3. Start rating beers. - I stopped doing this almost as quickly as I started.  I enjoy reviewing beers, talking about the flavors and what I like, etc... but the whole rating thing just didn't feel right for me.

4. More homebrewing. - Failure.  I brewed a total of 4 batches this year, about a third of what I had hoped for.  They all came out great, but too infrequent.

5. More writing. - Pretty good.  While my articles for Examiner and Hop Press slipped, I did pick up the Creative Loafing gig, but I need to be more consistant all the way around.

6. More drinking. And by this I do not me quantity, but variety. - Definitely did this, and got to sample and explore a LOT of new beers.

7. More reading. - I read everything I could get my hands on, and continue to do so.

8. Certification and study, part 1. Cicerone program. - Just never got around to it, really.

9. Certification and study, part 2. Beer Judge Certification Program. - Somewhat limited by access and availability, not to mention time.

10. Continue to be a vocal craft beer advocate. - A+.  I took a much more active role this past year not only in trying to educate people about craft beer, but standing up for it as well.

So all in all, I give myself a passing grade, but with a lot of room for improvement.  Coming soon, the 2011 resolutions!

- Beer for the Daddy

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Onward Craft Beer Soldiers...

Today is the Tampa City Council Meeting that will determine the fate of the much-loved Cigar City Brewing Tasting Room.

Once again - and for the last time - here are the pertinent details:

Date: Thursday December 2nd - THAT IS TODAY!!!
Time: 10:30 AM
Location: 315 East Kennedy Boulevard (Downtown)
City Hall, 3rd Floor
Tampa, FL 33602
This is a public meeting so anyone may attend and speak if they so choose or just attend to show support.

These are the three members of Council who voted against Cigar City:
Gwen Miller
Thomas Scott
Curtis Stokes

These are those Council members who voted for Cigar City:
Mary Mulhern
Yvonne Yoli Capin
Joseph Caetano

And the absentee vote was Charlie Miranda.  He is very likely to be the tie-breaker in this fight.

So it all comes down to today.  Lets hope reason and sanity prevail instead of rumor and false accusations made in the name of "serving the community".

P.S. If you do not know what I am talking about, read these posts: