Thursday, January 7, 2010

Three Halos Rum Porter

The Three Halos Rum Porter was brewed in remembrance and in honor of my friends Derrick Ide and Jevon Witherspoon, and my aunt Bonnie Nordquist.  All three passed away in the final months of 2009.

The Wolf Paw represents Derrick.  It is the same design that he had tattooed on his leg, and his wife Rachel now wears the same artwork.  I see it as a symbol of his untamed spirit, even in his darkest days.

The Norwegian Flag represents Bonnie, the Norwegian wife of my Swedish uncle Neil.  She tolerated the unceasing teasing by our family with great humor and love.

The Florida Gator represents Jevon, a Gator fan to the core.  He wore the colors whenever possible, even down to the orange and blue flip-flops.

The design was created by John Wilson, aka Sailin Nox.

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  1. Is this a homebrew? Are you launching a brewery or is this what you call your homebrewery? Great memorial.